Sunday, February 22, 2015

Life & bricks

Let's take a second and talk. 
Let's talk about all the BS we deal with. 
            Can we never catch a break!
We deal with:

1.     deadlines 
2.     traffic 
3.     hunger (we are teenagers we are always hungry) 
4.     sleep deprivation 
5.     our jobs 
6.     family issues 
7.     And much more. 
There maybe some people out there that don't deal with life and they either live in a fairy tale, or are robots. 

I totally understand why people snap.
There are people in our lives that will do little things to you. Those little things add up to be a weight of bricks on us and we are one day just going to dig our self out from underneath that pile and snap. Because we can’t handle dealing with that any more.  
Sometimes it's good that we are being slammed with bricks because it's causing us to throw these bricks back at life, and say Hey how you like me now! 

Why do we put up with it? Cause its life. 

Life doesn't care if it knocks you down and makes you bleed. 

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