Sunday, April 19, 2015

Left foot. Right foot

As a little girl i used to wear my shoes on the wrong feet.

I would have so many shoes in my closet most of them with holes and so warn out. That many people would just throw them away. But i would keep them because they all had stories to tell.

Every one of my shoes could be an adventure book, waiting to be read.

They were filled with so many memories and adventures that they just couldn't hold any more so they would wear out. Then i would be on the the next pair of shoes filling them with adventures.

Now i look at my shoes and think on those would look cute with that out fit or those are only for special occasions. They are being wasted away.

They walk the same paths every day.
home to school,
school to home,
home to work,
work to home.
Not walking on new ground and exploring new places.

It gets me wanting to get out of my routine and get my shoes walking on new ground.

Fill those shoes and don't waste them.
So wear them on the wrong feet! miss match your shoes.
what ever you do don't waste them.

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