Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trying not to forget

I remember the first day of elementary school and looks didn't matter.
I remember lunch time line ups.
I remember recess and we all used to play together, and having no clicks.
I remember lunch money stamps.
I remember wanting to grow up. 

I Remember

I remember acne, head gear and no friends
I remember getting a locker for the first time and always decorating it.
I remember worrying about getting to my class on time.

I remember
I remember no more packed lunches
I remember having my license but still having to ride the bus.
I remember procrastinating almost every assignment

I will always remember

I will remember late night dances
I will remember all the football games, and Friday night parties.
I remember End of term stress and tests.

I will remember our days dwindling away, and wanting them to stay.
I will remember you. I will try to remember all of you
I will always remember this class, and how amazing it truly is.

I will always try not to forget. 

I remember wanting to be young forever. 

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