Sunday, March 8, 2015


365 days is how much time you have to live.

Reality sets in.

You are panicked, what signature will you be leaving in this world. What will you be remembered by? Will you even be remembered?
These thoughts exhaust your mind.

You have 365 days to wake up and start living.

Is that what it takes for us to start living?
Hey did we not realize that every day you get closer to death.
So why not start now.
Live every day like it’s your last.
We never know when we are going to kick the bucket.
When you are old, wrinkly, and 90 do you want to have a cool story to tell?

You have 240 days to wake up and start living.

Relate it to senior year. We have been going to school for 12 years.
We are almost done.
Things become bitter sweet, last dances, last assemblies, last football games, everything is the last. Most of us will live it up; while others just are so done they don’t even care.
We got one shot at this life. Make yours unique.

You have 120 days to wake up and live.

Your time is dwindling away like an hour glass.
You’re trying to accomplish that bucket list.
Doing everything and anything you can think of.
Cause right now is when you start to worrying about missing out.

You have 1 day to wake up and start living.
Last day. The day of good byes, the day of confessions and the day of I’m sorry.
Last time using the emotions and senses of the human body.
Stop and take it all in. Feel the oxygen entering your lungs.
Take a look at the past 365 days and do you wish you had more time?

There never seems to be enough time.


  1. Wayy cool concept. Definitely would make me live differently.

  2. "while others just are so done they don’t even care."
    this is me right now.
    and this post really made me think, thank you

  3. Great vision of senior year.

  4. Read my mind! Really don't want to have to say goodbyes.

  5. "There never seems to be enough time."
    This post is everything that has been going on in my head
    except you said it in a beautiful way.