Sunday, March 1, 2015

I just want to make it stop

Death has taken away 2 of the closest people to me.
I get so angry sometimes at the one I lost. 
Thinking how could you leave me! WHY?!?
Missing out on so much. Their just gone, never able to make memories with them.
Only hearing the stories and watching videos is how you get to know them....  It’s not enough!
It’s all because of death.
It all happened to soon! I just want to go back in time and stop everything. Just to be with them and hug them.

I just want to make is STOP!
I just want to make it stop.....

But time slips away and life moves on and you will never be the same, always left with a hole.

Sitting here with my emotions raw, and being drained.
All I have left to say is that this life can be a real BITCH! But choose to stay and fight! You can do incredible things, you matter.
Choose to experience life
Choose to Be Happy


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