Sunday, March 22, 2015

Notes to people who will never read them

To the girl whose outfits inspired my style.
To the boy at Thai Village for being awkward like me.
To all the writers who let me get lost in your writing.
For the girl who complemented my hair when I was feeling Not so good about myself.
To the driver who let me in.
To the boy who liked me in 1st grade.
For the teacher who showed me wicked.
For the bus driver who held the bus for me.
To the inventers who let us have amazing technology.
For the Michael Jackson Fans for being crazy like me.
For the person who invented doughnuts (because they taste amazing)
To the dog, that would protect me not matter what.
To the friend who is now my enemy, for letting me finally spread my wings.
                For the teacher who dares us to take chances and live our life's .
To swear words for being the perfect words to say.
To pens for Being permanent .
For the world for letting us make mistakes.

                For those of you reading this and for those of you not. 
This is to all of you. 


  1. Micheal Jackson, Thai Village, doughnuts, wings, I really liked this. It felt refreshing for some reason.

  2. "To all the writers who let me get lost in your writing." You too. i love getting lost in your writing sierra leone.

  3. The part about the pens being permanent.

  4. thai village guy. thats probably my favorite place to eat. also I love this post. The journal prompt for this was easily one of my favorites and you did a really good job with it